Thursday, January 26, 2012

Week 93

Week 93: Who’s the boss? – Status: Confused.

Your Life: I’M the parent.

Remember all those annoying comments from your parents and friends who already had children about how being a parent is the hardest job in the world? Yeah. What they know, you thought. I’m so awesome it’s impossible my kid will not think I’m the greatest and I will have all the answer’s because I went to college and stuff like that. Bhaaaahahahahahahahahahahaha! Good one. *Sigh* At this point it’s likely you’ve decided that you were not meant to be a parent. (They totally just let you take that baby home without a test or rules or anything!) This is irrational and completely normal. Expect to come to these ridiculous conclusions once a day. It’s called: Being a parent.

Perhaps its separation anxiety or perhaps it’s just the universe picking on you again because now your toddler will cry when you leave him/her at daycare but also cry’s when you pick him/her up from daycare. What?! Are those tears of joy or sadness? Furthermore, you’ll be happy to discover the ever-looming presence of the terrible two’s. Talk about bi-polar. This week will bring major frustration when all you want to do is care for your toddler but all your toddler wants to do is run around the kitchen with a popsicle stick in his/her mouth, a pencil in the other hand and socks that you swear have been greased for maximum probability of tumbling to disaster. It’s ok to take the sharp objects away, even if he/she cry’s about it for a minute. YOU. ARE. THE. PARENT. Regardless of your doubts, you know what’s best. Maybe the answers are not always clear like how does one convince a child to eat at the table? Bargain? Discipline? But you know the common sense stuff and most of the time that’s what it takes.

How your baby is growing: The boss.

Your toddler may or may not be talking in clear sentences yet. If he/she is you’ll find joy in how he/she asks for things and tells you about his/her day; however you may also find challenges as well. Your family sits down for dinner, your toddler refuses the food presented and now requests in the sweetest, most charming voice, “Bonana. Bonana please Mommy.” Game on. What’s your move?! You want your child to eat but you want the food to be a balanced meal. Damn it! Being a parent is like, the hardest job in the world! It’s best to insist your toddler take a few bites of dinner and then reward him/her with the “Bonana”. Besides, you’re eating dinner and a piece of angel food cake at the same time. Hypocrite. Then again, you ARE the parent. Or is it really that your toddler is the boss. Hmmmm….Checkmate.

You can expect your toddler will scream bloody murder when it comes time for a bath. Toys don’t work and even your Almighty, Glorious and Awesome partner can’t convince your little one to get in the tub. Remember the days when you could just pick your baby up and put him/her wherever you wanted/needed?  The saving grace is that by the time you’ve survived the tub and pj party, you’ll get to read books which always results in snuggles and sweet baby talk. Time for night-night…and some much needed foot-propping-book-reading for Momma.

A Look ahead: “I can’t hear myself think!”-Sallie Field in the Steel Magnolias. Music in the background, food on the stove, dogs chewing bones, a toddler running around in circles asking for an orange and you trying to hear how your significant other’s day was at work. This is your life. It’s crazy and full.

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