Monday, February 27, 2012

Week 97

Week 97: Craft corner gets messy. – Status: Shiny.

Your Life: A happy little cloud.

This week you learn the truths and myths about crafting materials. Your toddler will put any medium to the test and along with it, your house. Expect to scrub paint out of your carpets, chalk out of your new coat and find stickers on the kitchen table that refuse to peel off. Yes, folks! It’s arts and crafts time! Good intentions of making a special birthday card to Grandma will go down the tub the instant “washable paint” is slopped on to the living room carpet. Your brilliant ideas will bite you in the ass, as usual.

Never mind the sheer joy your toddler takes in sidewalk chalking your car door, you will be busy vacuuming up every speckle of glitter that got mysteriously dumped into the kitchen cupboard. Forget the traditional smock, wrap your toddler in your own t-shirt and strap him/her to the dining room chair. That babies gonna get crazy with his color mixing and compositional style. Watch out Bob Ross.

How your baby is growing: Open up and say Ahhhh.

By now your toddler may be:

A. Done teething.
B. Almost done teething.
C. Halfway done teething.
D. Nowhere near done teething.
E. Chewing on everything s/he can find.

You have fun with that.

A Look ahead: Is that a grey hair?!!

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