Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Week 96

Week 96: Ha-ha this-a-way, Ha-ha that-a-way – Status: Grouchy

Your Life: It’s really funny how that’s not so funny.

You become paranoid that your child may never gain another pound now that s/he has refused to eat a full meal in your presence. You will share this with all of your friends and coworkers, who will inevitably tell you that it’s “just a phase”. Pfft…what do they know?! SOMETHING IS WRONG!!! IT MUST BE ME! This is what you will scream in your head as they regale stories of their own children not eating or surviving on air for an entire year. What?! No. That is not happening in your house. All of this information will somehow distract you into thinking that you are obviously a better parent because you are going to make sure your toddler is well nourished; even if you have to trick him/her into eating at every meal.

Expect to have a rocky start to this week with your significant other. While playing a game called “Grouchy Bear” your significant other will make a “joke” that Mommy is always grouchy. Queue the eye rolling and silent treatment. This statement was, in fact, meant to be a joke but since you are covered in banana goo and cleaning up the kitchen after your precious family it doesn’t sound that way in your mind. The temptation to say something nasty in return is buried as you furiously Swiffer the kitchen floor. Eventually the week brings back your sense of humor and with it a reminder that you can’t survive your toddler without help. Bad jokes aside your partner continues to support you even when you’re grouchy.

How your baby is growing: Still a baby.

Somehow just when you think your toddler is no longer a baby s/he does something that reminds you s/he isn’t yet graduating from college. Your toddler will laugh hysterically at a funny face you make while dressing in pjs for bed. No matter how many times you do this face it brings a huge smile and giggle as if s/he is 8 months old again.

You’ll find this is a time of transition for your toddler. Nearing the second birthday with strange behavior and at times these glimpses of what it was like when s/he was an infant. Most days your toddler acts like a total butt-face. The favorite word no is now replaced with a scream or perhaps if you’re really lucky the phrase STOP IT!!! It’s likely all of these special communicators will occur while you’re out in public so that the entire world can observe your lack of parenting skills attempts to appease the dragon.

A Look ahead: Art and crafts time gets real.

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